Tips To Find Your First Junior Software Developer Position

1. Search by language or framework:

The first time when I was looking for a Junior Web Developer position, I would type something like "junior web developer", and the result would consist of languages that I didn't want to specialize in or not all junior positions would come up as a lot of companies don't have the same job title. So I changed my strategy a bit by searching for the language or framework I wanted to specialize in. By doing that, I was able to filter out all the jobs that I didn't want to apply for or shouldn't even waste my time looking at it in the first place.

2. Tailor your skillset to job market demand:

Once you followed the first step and found a few awesome jobs, it's time to compare them to each other. As you compare them, look at the most common things first and make them your #1 priority. If you want to be a frontend developer and see that ReactJs is the most common framework that companies are asking for, consider putting more of your focus and efforts into ReactJs technology. This approach can help you filter out things that you don't need to spend weeks or months studying.

3. Sharpen your skills by setting challenges for yourself:

About every experienced developer would say that you need to work on a project that could help you progress, and they are not wrong. However, how do you track your progress? In my case, I gave myself 10 hours to develop a project using technologies and technics that I have never used. The goal was to develop a single-page application using AngularJs (when it was hot), make it responsive, functional, and beautiful UX/UI, and deploy it onto a server. I was able to accomplish it all in 8 hours and prove it during the interview. Working on a project for more than 2 to 3 months just become an unpaid job.

These are my top 3 points that helped me get my first Junior Full Stack Developer position. But are there more tips for it? 100% yes, and you can find them on my YouTube channel DevPool . Subscribe to my channel as my goal is to help beginners and juniors succeed in the tech industry.