5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Web Developer

As a Fullstack Software Engineer, I have already walked the path of learning. I wanted to share some of my tips, what I have witnessed from others and what worked for them.

1. Web Developers Are In-Demand:

Your friends want a website, startups need a website, big companies need developers who can support and build new features in their existing website. Moreover, web technology allows developers to build not only websites but they could also build apps for smartphones or create system applications. Since web development becomes more flexible, businesses come up with more use cases to solve specific problems. Still, unfortunately, there are not enough developers who can build and maintain the codebase. As you are reading this, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of open jobs. So if you are planning to become a web developer, after 4 to 6 months (depending on the learning path you took), you could get your first web developer job.

2. It Provides Good Salary:

To look at this data more accurately, I would recommend using Glassdoor or Indeed to get a more accurate number based on your location. But depending on your location, Junior Web Developers could get a minimum of $45,000 annually, and Senior Developers could get around $120,000 annually. The other reason why you should be using Glassdoor and Indeed is that you want to get an idea of what other people in your area are getting so you can negotiate your salary much better during the interview. Your salary will also depend on what language and side of web development you have chosen. So when you are comparing, I would recommend comparing Backend vs Frontend vs Full Stack Developer salaries.

3. You Can Choose How You Want To Work:

One common path that we all take is working 9 to 5, and we are happy with that. But what if working full time is not for you or let's say you got a lot of time to kill after hours, what do you do? A lot of web developers would use that time to look for a client and have hustle on the side. It's a common thing among web developers, and by doing that, they are making extra money on the side. If your freelance path looks successful and profitable, you could make that into your full-time job and register yourself as a business. But this is something you would have to look into as this depends on your location.

4. Web Development Has A Big Choice Of Languages:

We got PHP, NodeJs, Python, Java, C#, Deno, Ruby On Rails, etc. Each one of them is different and has its own purpose or could open up other options for you. For example: if you are planning to learn NodeJs, since it's built on JavaScript, you can take that skill and apply it both on Backend and Frontend. In comparison, PHP can only be used on the Backend side. Now you might be thinking, "why should I learn PHP if I can use it only on the backend?". PHP has been around for a long time now, so many enterprise companies and corporations are built on PHP. When you decide what language you should focus on, I recommend doing a little research on the most common or popular language in your area. It will help you find a job much faster (and you won't be wasting time learning something you don't need).

5. You can choose on what side of web development you want:

Whenever I say "I am a Web Developer", it could be unclear to other developers because there are three main parts to it. I could be a Frontend, Backend, or Full Stack Software Developer. We have a preference on what it is we want to focus on, so a lot of people choose only one. As Frontend Developer, you will most likely use only one framework: ReacJs, Vuejs, Angular, etc (depending on the company stack). Frontend doesn't have business logic. As a result, it's much simpler to work with. On the other hand, Backend is much more complex because that's where a lot of business logic goes. You will have to consider many things like security, performance, and scalability of the application that you are building. Full Stack Software Developer is a combination of Frontend and Backend. As you can see, you don't have to know how web development works to 100%. You can always choose the side that looks most appealing to you, and if you want to expand the knowledge, the option is always there.

These are my top 5 significant reasons why I love Web Development. If you want to know more about it, I would recommend taking a look at and subscribing to my YouTube channel DevPool as my goal is to help beginners and juniors to succeed in the tech industry. If you are looking for some mentorship, I also have TechDevPool 1 on 1 session tailored for you where I use my years of experience and point you in becoming a Web Developer in a matter of months, not years.

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