3 Things That Could Help Junior Developers To Stand Out During An Interview (besides coding).

1. Work on projects using version control:

In professional Work on projects using version control: In professional settings, we use a version control system like git. It allows us to work on new features/code, whiteout touching the codebase. It means we have a master branch that contains production-ready code and you would branch out to work on a new feature. Let's say you need to implement a new button, you would branch out from master to write new code that would display a button. Once you are done writing the code, you would merge the code back to master, after it passed all the tests. So take a look at GitHub or GitLab and get familiar with basic commands like push, pull, merge, and commit.

2. Have a basic understanding of agile development:

There is a certain prosses set in place that helps companies to deliver software for their customers. In software development, we have a number of steps before the code can be released. We have a set of Requirements, Design, Development, Testing (Design, Development, and Testing is repeated till testing has been satisfied), and only after you can Deploy. This is something you probably can't really practice by yourself. But knowing this could increase your chances of getting a junior position.

3. Start getting familiar with task management tool(s):

When you will be working with a team, you will have visibility on what your team is currently working on, what's been done, and what is coming up. But the best part about it, you can use it to separate the problem into manageable tasks that aren't connected to each other. If let's say you are working on a feature that touches both frontend and backend. Right out of the gates, you can create two tasks and focus one part at a time.

These are my top 3 pieces of advice that could help junior developers to stand out during the interview process. Sometimes it's not enough to rely only on the technical side especially when you are just starting out and still developing your skills.

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